HTV – Cad Reflective

Reflective Text & Designs

When it comes to safety there can be no compromise at any level, and that especially includes reflective designs, logos and text.
Dpt-online take great pride in knowing all our HTV – Cad reflective material products are rigorously tested to obtain class 1 certification.

Our reflective safety department will work closely with you, to make sure your ideas and designs, not only comply with all the classifications your project requires, but  to also keep the wearer visible and safe. We can make your garment design really stand out for maximum market exposure, whist providing a much needed safety bonus.

Be Seen, Stay Safe & Get Noticed

• Available in 7 vibrant reflective colours

• Class 1 certification guarantees quality assurance

• Washable upto 40 degrees and 55 wash cycles

• Ease of garment application with a clear polyester application carrier

Using reflective to safely enhance a new design or current logo is achievable through many forms of material. We are considered by many  to be innovators in this field, dedicating many hours to ensuring our customers receive the very best advice before commencing with a project.

Technical data sheet & application instructions pdf download 

Key Benefits Of HTV - Cad Reflective

Reflectivity Gets Your Message Across

Never has there been a better time to promote your brand whilst giving that extra market awareness with that special reflective touch.
Available in 7 vibrant colours all conforming to class one certification for safety applications makes Dpt-online your goto supplier.

Application Properties Designed For Safety

Low application temperatures from (135°C), results in HTV – Cad reflective being one of  the best choices when dealing with delicate breathable fabrics or industrial safety garments that require certification for safety.

Wash Longevity

HTV – Cad reflective will not crack, peel or fade and will in most instances out live the garment. Continued wash tests at 55 cycles are achievable on most fabrics, giving our product an enviable lead in the marketplace.

Garment Positioning

Cut from a hotpeel Polyester not only means a fast application time but the ability to position anywhere on the garment with pinpoint accuracy.