Dpt-Online offer a wider than normal range of reflective options available anywhere in the safety industry that covers most applications when it comes to material compositions.
We have adapted our standard reflective products to conform to the highest safety standards within the Uk And European safety industry.

Reflectivity is no longer reserved just for the construction industry, police or the emergency services. Many sportswear brands are using reflective logos, brand identity incorporating many leisure pursuits including running, clothing, shoes,  mountain biking and beyond.
When deciding the correct reflective option for your garment / fabric or textile please also consider the conformity or class standards you may be needing to achieve.

At Dpt-Online safety is our main priority when decorating safety clothing. We understand that at the beginning your customers needs can sometimes seem like an unachievable goal. With the market leaders now standing side by side with you anything and everything is achievable.

The need for reflective identification is no longer associated only with safety clothing. Three out of every seven jobs Dpt- online receive enquiries about are now for sports or technical fabrics.

Questions to think about when choosing a Reflective transfer for fabric

A total solution to your garment decoration needs are always our main priority, we will try to match a transfer print quality with your chosen fabric. Bellow are just a few things to consider before choosing the transfer type you may need, if you have any doubts or need help please feel free to call our sales line on 01507462800.

Fabric Conditions

  • Material Composition
  • Coated Fabric
  • Flame Retardant

Required Certification

  • EN ISO 11612 : 2015
  • ISO 15797 : 2004
  • Oeko-Tex ® Class 1

Material Types

  • Printed
  • Plotter Cut
  • Hybrid

Remember when choosing a transfer to complement your garment it’s important to find out what the garment is made from. The last thing you want to do is choose a garment that needs to be washed at 90 degrees and find its maximum washing temperature is only 40 degrees.
Is your customers garment a promotional giveaway or something that has to last over 50 washes. At Dpt our main aim is to get you the right product at the right price for the budget your customer can afford whilst getting the best quality.

When it comes to the production there are many things to think about not only from our side but your customers side.
The better the artwork you supply us the faster we can have your artwork proof back to you. Colour matching can take time and adds to your turnaround times, it’s always worth asking if your customers know the pantone colours of their company logo.
Carrier films are a massive point to think about, Polyester might be more expensive but can speed up application times by more than twice.

Application temperatures and pressure used when applying the final product to the garment is one of the most important but overlooked parts of the procedure.
It’s important the adhesive backer is fully melted and the correct pressure is applied when pressing the garment. Application instructions will be sent out on all orders to help the process be as easy as possible.
Carrier films are a massive point to think about, Polyester might be more expensive but can speed up application times by more than twice.

The Products We Recommend

HTV – Cut Reflective Material

The most commonly used method to add any reflective logo, text or design to a garment or fabric, is using standard grey class 1 reflective material. We use a cad – cut / plotter cutting machine which uses a sharp blade to cut letters or logos directly from the flat reflective material sheet.
This material has a heat seal backing which when applied at a high temperature will heat, melt and stick to the fabric.
Conforms to Oeko-Tex ® Class 1

Printed Reflective Material

Printed reflective material is most commonly used when a corporate identity or logo is required to decorate or identify a reflective garment. This method can also include pantone colour matching and can be finished with cutting an outline or border of any shape.
Being a pioneer in using safety reflective materials and relishing in incorporating our customers wishes within their projects has made Dpt-Online the number one decoration company within the safety industry.

Printed Hybrid Reflective Material

Clear film is treated with a transparent reflective coating and then over printed in reverse with our bestselling transfer system Transfast.
Virtually any corporate logo, design etc can now include reflective properties in part or in whole of the design, resulting in only the parts of the design directly in contact with the reflective beads illuminates when light is shone upon it after being applied to the prefered fabric.
Our system has allowed customers to break the mould when thinking of future applications not only in workwear but now including the sports and fashion wear industries.